Monday, October 26, 2009

Kris, Part II - Stories of Survivors of Suicide

I traveled to Helena over the weekend to photograph Kris & Siobhan again, as well as one new participant. It was a whirlwind trip with three portrait sessions, but I'm pleased with the results. I was also happy to be able to visit Kris & Siobhan in their homes in order to get more personalized portraits of them. If you remember from a previous post, I photographed them the first time in a studio setting with a simple black backdrop. The images I choose for the final project will largely be determined by which images go well with the body of work as a whole.

Here are a few of the images from my time with Kris. In the first image, the cloth that her friend Dierdre brought back from Pakistan is draped over her chair. A small glass bead is also visible hanging in the window. This glass bead was made by a friend and contains a tiny amount of Dierdre's ashes. In the second image, a portrait of Kris made by a local artist is hanging above her head. This piece of art is very special to her because she is wearing a hat that Dierdre made for her with the design of her dog running around the top of the hat. This picture reminds Kris of Dierdre's gift which represents the thoughtfulness of her dear friend. Since she no longer has the hat, this drawing holds a special place in her heart. Kris is also wearing a t-shirt from the Jim Bridger trail run. Deirdre was incredibly encouraging and supportive in helping her as she started running. Kris remembers times when Deridre, an incredible athlete, would run back in 10 miles just to bring snacks to Kris as she finished up a run.

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