Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautiful Blight - A Book of Abstract Photographs

In addition to working on the adoption portrait project, I have been working on a series of abstract photographs from a section of Bozeman, MT that was deemed "blighted". These images were assembled as a book and a partial preview of the book can be viewed at

The Linabary Family

Well, the Linabary family marked the last family to be photographed for my "Forever Families" adoption project. Although James (from Colombia) was the only one who participated in the Summer of Hope program, the other two boys (Gabriel and Samuel) were also adopted. They were adopted around the age of three from Sierra Leone during the time of civil war in that country. The family has just recently discovered that Gabriel's biological father is alive. This was a wonderful and exciting discovery for Gabriel! I loved meeting and chatting with each of the boys. They all seem to have an idea of what they want to do when they grow up - Gabriel loves horses, Samuel is a bookworm and wants to return to Sierra Leone to build libraries and teach, and James loves to design and build things.

I am nearly finished with the multi-media show I'm creating with the images and interview clips from this project. I can't wait to show it to share the stories of the trials and trimumphs of each family while adopting older kids from other countries.