Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Caroline, Part II

I met with Caroline again last night for a few more portraits and a little more interview. She talked about how when she attended a healing service, she realized the need to go "public" with her pain. In other words, she realized the value of not hiding her feelings and seeking help from others, and also from God. Caroline mentioned that people often don't want to talk about suicide if they've had some experience with it in their own lives and they've not dealt with the feelings yet. She believes it has been a healthy experience to be open with and to deal with her feelings after the loss of her ex-husband to suicide.

In this session, I photographed Caroline with a drawing she made as part of an art therapy session. She says the drawing represents where she wants to be (and what she is moving toward). The drawing represents peace and an ability to roll with the changes that occur in her life instead of having any little life change derail her as they did right after her loss. I also photographed her with her dog, Trixie, who was named by her ex-husband and who also was a big help during her grieving process.

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