Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is Julia. She lost her father to suicide in March 2008. She says that she has really started to deal with the loss her dad and some of the issues they had in their relationship within the past few months. In that process, she has relied on her own faith and growth in her relationship with Christ to begin to have compassion for her father, his life, and what he went through. She has been looking back and reflecting on things in her life that she believes God strategically placed at just the right time in order to help her heal.

I photographed Julia in her room where you can see hand print plates that her father made as a young child (the blue ones hanging on the wall) and her own pink hand print she made as a child. I also photographed her in the little apple orchard in her backyard. Her father made apple butter from these apples so they evoke a special memory for her.

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