Monday, April 4, 2011

From Homelessness to Home: The Reuter Family

Meet Nancy and her son Austin. Nancy's story from homelessness to home involves going from living in an unsafe roommate situation to living in a warehouse. Finally, she was connected with Family Promise and has now lived on her own with her son for a couple years. She and Austin both loved their experience in Family Promise, but were obviously ready for their own place towards the end. Even now, they remain connected to Family Promise who also helped them to find a working vehicle when their old one died.

Austin loves having his own room and has decorated it to represent the things he loves. He also has a goal to climb Mt. Everest one day so he hung the Nepali flag above his bed.

Listen to Austin's response when I asked him how Family Promise has changed him: 

In the hour and a half I spent with these guys, I could tell this mom & son duo have a great time together. 

 Nancy & Austin pose outside their home.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for ways to photograph my future project participants?

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