Monday, November 15, 2010

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter

I had planned to post a new image today, something that I haven't already posted online somewhere, but I am in a very pondering and reflective mood today. This image was taken last week, not long after our very first snowfall of the season. Since we moved to Bozeman, MT at the end of September 2005, we have had the first snow every year in September or October. We had a couple of very warm weeks this fall, so the late snow seemed to really usher in winter for me. When the snow starts earlier, I know that the real winter is still a long way off so it's sometimes harder to digest. I am happy with both the warmer fall weather we had as well as the beautiful first snow (although it is a bit wet and mushy). I chose to post this image (recently posted to my Flickr account) because it just seems to match my mood today. I'm thinking about things past and the future to come. I'm thinking about today and the gifts I've been given in my life. 



Tessa said...

I have been in Bozeman (and with my Patrick) for a little over 4 years now. I love thinking of everything that has happened in our lives but even more, we are at a point where we can dream about the future. I don't particularly enjoy the frigid winters here in Bozeman, but they are a part of our memories and our home. Plus, we are so blessed for having these extreme seasons - nature's way of saying time is passing, enjoy it while you can. Glad I could introduce you to REAL hot chocolate, but I am thinking maybe next time we should have it AFTER our cold weather photo shoot.

Leslie McDaniel said...

Yes, I agree - a lot has changed in our lives, too, since we arrived in Bozeman. The cold & snow are sometimes hard to handle but I do enjoy our life here. And yes...AFTER would be smarter. Silly us.