Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ferris Wheel from a Holga

I've recently pulled out my Holga again to take along on our road trips. It's so fun to imagine what this dreamy, toy-like plastic camera will produce when I click the shutter. There's no pressure with this camera - just click the non-negotiable shutter and be done with it. The softness, vignetting, and potential for light leaks just add to the appeal of this no-frills semi-light tight piece of plastic. These things, and the fact that it is a medium format camera, are what I love about the Holga! This first image from my recent travels, a Ferris wheel sitting below a sky that's torn between the sun and approaching storm clouds, is one of my favorite. What do you think of the dreamy nature of Holga images? Take it or leave it?


Ronnie Ruiz said...

I love my holga too :) I need to dig it out this weekend and go have some fun. Great image. Love ferris wheels and the always look more magical when shot on a holga :)

Leslie McDaniel said...

Thanks Ronnie!