Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kris & Her Thoughts as a Suicide Survivor

This is Kris Larson who was a close friend of Deirdre Eitel's. Click below to hear her memories of her friend and her thoughts of losing such an inspirational, creative, and strong friend.


PhilipsMaMa said... are so right! REACH OUT! I lost our son to suicide in 2007.Philip was just 23 years old. I learned from Philip that he wanted to be HEARD so I listened to him for Hours every DAY, even though he moved out when he went to college(an apartment just a mile away!). I miss EVERYTHING about Philip...but mostly those precious talks we had, that ended with him kissing me on my forehead. He had a TERRIBLE psych. and we couldn't convince him to change...
And, even though suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem...I JUST could not convince my PRECIOUS Philip "that this too, shall pass!" And my love, was not enough to heal him of his mental illness...just like I could not love him enough to cure him of cancer or diabetes...He was so sick, and killed himself during a time of mental illness.
He reached out to SO MANY with "random acts of kindness" I need to carry on what he did for others...
BUT, some days it is just hard to get out of bed!
Nancy in OKC

Leslie McDaniel said...

Hi PhilipsMama. Thanks so much for taking time to check out my work on this project and for taking time to listen to Kris. Each person I interviewed was amazing and is dealing with their loss in their own ways. Thank you again and take care, Leslie.