Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Osen Family

I began photographing the third "Forever Family" this past weekend. This family is made up of five biological children (three of which are older and live away from home) and two adopted boys from the Philippines. The four younger children who live at home are all home schooled. The love and concern this family has for each other, and particularly the adopted boys, was so very evident! Since they're all home schooled, the father built a little "classroom" in the basement where each kid has their own desk area where they can study and learn.

While talking with the parents, I started to realize the importance of photographs of the children prior to their adoption. The mom was able to track down photographs of the boys' biological parents and images of them as babies. It seems that these images play a big part in the construction of the their identities. I'm happy to be able to provide a new "visual record" of their family and I'm already excited about my second visit!

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